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Build the future of team work and work on an exciting products with thousands of happy customers worldwide, work from anywhere in the world.

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Great products are never created from thin air. The secret to creating great products is collaboration in working together as a team. Great products are created by a team and we help teams move work forward together.

Our products help teams and individuals to better understand what is going, adds clarity and visibility on work the team is doing. This helps our customers understand their customers, and therefore they build better products as a result.

Our culture values responsibility and accountability, trust and openness, efficiency and speed. We’re all about sweating the details on delightful experiences, tackling ambitious technical challenges, and learning twice as fast as anywhere else. We’re extremely customer-focused, regularly talking with customers in-person, via email, or over video. We got 5000+ companies using our products and it is just the beginning.
No founder dictators here. As an early employee, you will help us shape this culture. We’re building for a healthy, happy team where everyone believes in what they’re working on. We only hire excellent people that you’ll trust and learn from.

Current openings

We’re hiring world-class people across engineering, design, product, marketing, operations, and more. Click on an open role below to check it out and apply. If you believe you can bring value to our customers please reach out to us.
Engineering Lead or CTO
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Frontend Engineer
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Growth Marketer
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Senior Backend Engineer
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Senior Designer
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Senior Full Stack Engineer
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