Growth Product Marketer

This is a 100% remote position. You should be able to have at least 2 hours overlap with 9:30-17:30 CET time zone.

Role overview

First and foremost, we're looking for people who are excited about what we're doing — you don't need to know anything about team tools, but should be excited to learn. More than a specific set of skills, we're looking for someone that (1) has the talent/experience/drive/work ethic to drive your own work (2) understands that good employees do what you tell them to do, great employees tell you what they need to do. We are building the best in the world products, it takes time.

We need someone who is primarily analytical and process-oriented, with a sophisticated understanding of the tools available for instrumenting and measuring growth, A/B testing, conversion, and everything else related to revenue.

Almost everyone on our team is technical, so this will be our first major non-technical hire, which means you'll have a wide range of responsibilities within marketing and growth. We've listed a few things you'll be responsible for below, but it will also be your job to determine which of these we should spend resources on and which we should not. You will ultimately be in charge of not only allocating the marketing budget, but also can

  • make a content strategy
  • produce video and written content
  • drive customer acquisition
  • help with retention and other aspect
  • help us and our customer grow

This list is not exhaustive at all, and you'll have a lot of autonomy over your work.

We're looking for a full-time hire.

When applying please send the link to your video introduction.

This is a full time remote only role. If you fit the criteria and the job description sounds exciting, please apply now.

Please do not apply if you represent an intermediary like hiring agency, outsourcing company or anything in between. Only direct applicants please.
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