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Unlock your potential: Elevate your Atlassian experience with seamless Integrations

Discover how integrations can supercharge your workflow and propel productivity to new heights.

Atlassian Integrations

Seamlessly connect and enhance your Atlassian tools for better project management and collaboration.

Azure DevOps For Jira

Track branches, PRs, commits, builds & deployments in Jira with our integration with Azure DevOps.

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Post Webhooks for Bitbucket

Our integration between Bitbucket and Jenkins enables Jenkins to trigger jobs, which streamlines continuous integration and team productivity. This integration also supports Azure DevOps Pipelines.

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Advanced Microsoft Teams Jira Connector

Integrate Jira with Microsoft Teams to streamline communication & enhance collaboration between teams for efficient project management.

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Jigit - Jira GitHub & GitLab Integration

Our Gitlab, GitHub, and Jira integration simplifies development, reduces context switching, gives you greater visibility and allows you to easily manage your repositories.

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Slack Notifications for Bitbucket

Our integration of Slack and Bitbucket facilitates faster shipping, easier collaboration, and smoother communication.

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Advanced Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector

Our Integration between Confluence and Microsoft Teams enables your team to seamlessly share knowledge, collaborate, & generate content without the need to switch applications, making your work more efficient and productive.

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GitHub Links for Confluence

Our integration of Confluence and GitHub enhances documentation and establishes a connection between the two platforms.

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GitHub Links for Jira

Jira Github integration simplifies the development process and reduces the need for context switching.

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Azure DevOps Confluence Connector

Transform Your Development Process with Azure DevOps and Confluence Integration.

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Microsoft Teams Bamboo Connector

Elevate your team's productivity with the Microsoft Teams and Atlassian Bamboo integration.

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GitLab for Confluence

Unite your development and documentation with our GitLab Confluence integration: Collaborate smarter and deliver faster.

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Advanced Microsoft Teams Bitbucket Connector

Collaborate seamlessly with Bitbucket and Microsoft Teams to ship faster, never miss important updates, and stay on top of your work.

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Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector Lite

Improve collaboration and enhance team transparency by integrating Confluence with Microsoft Teams.

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Google Chat for Jira

Integrate Google Chat and Jira with ease to enhance team collaboration.

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Slack Bamboo Connector

Receive Slack notifications from Atlassian Bamboo.

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Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat integration for Bamboo

Bamboo now has the capability to integrate with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Chat.

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Google Chat integration for Bitbucket

Collaborate seamlessly with Bitbucket and Google Chat to ship faster, stay on top of work, and never miss important updates.

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Google Calendar Event to Worklog for Jira Cloud

Create Worklogs from your Google Calendar Event.

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Google Chat integration for Confluence

Effortlessly integrate Google Chat and Confluence for seamless team collaboration.

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Release notes for Compass

Track all your components and stay informed with Compass Release Notes. Easily standardize your release notes and get notified about important updates by customizing your preferences.

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Azure DevOps for Compass

Enhance engineering standards and developer experience by integrating Azure DevOps with Compass.

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Security is a top priority

We prioritize customer security and implement secure solutions throughout the development process.

Data Privacy

We prioritize customer data privacy with GDPR-compliant data collection and processing.

SOC 2 Type II Certified

We ensure that our systems, processes, and controls meet specific trust service criteria.

Secure Development

We employ end to end vulnerability checks during our coding and development process.

Infrastructure Access

We use multi-factor authentication and restrict access based on team’s needs.

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What people are saying

“Great plugin - one of the most attentive development staff I've seen.”

Patrick M

“Highly recommended company and very responsive. We converted to this plugin from a custom in-house solution and did not have a single complaint about anything. Nice rich feature set and very stable plugin.”

Cameron B

“The Support team was incredibly helpful, and the setup was easy. We can now link Azure DevOps commits, pull requests, and merges to our Jira tickets at a great price.”

Kyle S

“A full-featured tool to support DevOps integration. The support team is awesome and super responsive!”

Addy N

“We needed to move to Jira for tracking issues and project management but wanted to keep our repos and CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps for our developers. Of all the Jira apps we tried, this was the best! It's simple, clean, and informative. Support has been great even during our trial period. A+”

Taylor M

“Very helpful plugin for integrating Azure DevOps pipelines with an on-promise bitbucket server. Great and quick support from the plugin development team. Much appreciated.”

Tamer A

“Great product; it is easy to integrate with Jenkins and works better than the native WebHook. The developer provides great support, and I highly recommend it.”

Alwyn P

“Very easy to use, developer provides excellent support”

Bill Y

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