Bring information from GitHub into Confluence

Integrate GitHub with Confluence to increase team velocity and transparency. Enrich information about pull requests, read me and other files, issues and repositories. Know the state of those items without leaving Confluence.
December 16, 2020

I’ve got a couple of questions for you.

Do you write technical documentation? What about technical documentation that references code and files from GitHub?

In this article you will learn how to increase value of Confluence and GitHub working together.

Technical Specification

There is a good practice to lightly document your technical steps before jumping directly into the code. This practice helps you to structure thoughts and enables you to get some feedback on your implementation steps. One of the easiest ways to reference to the previous work is to link to the previously merged pull requests or concrete files.

In your tech spec you can add a link to a readme file from the repository you can use as an example. It may look something like this.

Confluence GitHub integration for readme files

Then the person who reviews your technical specification can expand and review it without leaving Confluence and loosing the context.

Confluence GitHub integration for open readme files

Also you may want to reference a pull request on which your task depends or learns from.

Confluence GitHub integration for pull requests and user profiles

Display GitHub open issues or pull requests

Another way to quickly grasp the amount of open pull request in GitHub is to use a link to the pull requests in your product.

Confluence GitHub integration for GitHub issues

When you want to display the the latest open issues you could paste the link to the issues page from GitHub.

Confluence GitHub integration shows a list of issues in Confluence

Release pages and milestones

Multiple organization create a future or the next release page where they prepare the main themes of the release as well as teams and participants of it. If you organization uses GitHub milestones GitHub links for Confluence will be helpful here as well. Just copy the link to the milestone from GitHub, for instance, , and insert it in Confluence using GitHub for Confluence macros.

Confluence GitHub integration for GitHub milestones

If the milestone is not your thing, you could use list of open pull requests.

You can give GitHub links for Confluence a try TODAY.

If there is something missing please reach out.

Welcome to our world and let’s Move Work Forward together!

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