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Securely connect Jira Server and Data Center with Slack

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Integrate Slack and Jira Server

Either you have Jira Server or Jira Data Center, you are covered. Stay on top of important things that happen in Jira and omit not important stuff. Jira activities directly into your team communication channels in Slack.

Fine grained notifications about Jira activities

Whatever you do in Jira you and your team can get notified in a particular channel in Slack. You can filter notifications to reduce the noise and stay on top of the things you want to know first.

Multiple filters and Slack channels

Setup notification of a particular project, issue change filter by issue type, status or priority. For example, you can get notified only when a ticket hits the status Ready for Pull Request or Ready for QA. Or you can watch only issues on Project “Slack Development” that are of highest priority.

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Watch how easy it is to setup and use Slack Jira Connector

Secure Jira Server to Slack Connector

Secure Jira Server to Slack Connector

You don't need to open Jira to the Internet, you control what leaves your premises.

Easy global and project level setup

Configure what should be sent to Slack and when. You don't need to install any Slack Apps that listen your messages. Only simple webhooks to have full control, compliance and security.

Easy global and project level setup
Fast, secure and well supported

Fast, secure and well supported

As a real Top Vendor, we provide Top support over the email or video. We have got customers with 20K+ users and huge traffic. Security is on top of our mind.

See how you can transform how your team works.

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